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      Air Precleaner - Low Profile Series



      --- Low profile series with the intake at bottom,and expelled dust at sides.  


      --- KA10,KA12,KA14 Series & KA16 are Nylon with Polymyer material.

          Other models are galvanized  steel material which had much better anti 

          rust properties.

      --- Products are tested by independent institutions in accordance to ISO 5011:2000.

      --- Test reports are available if required.

      Benefits & Features


      1.  Remove up to 90% of impurities,rain, debris,dust and dirt 

           from intake air before the air reaches the filter element.

      2.  Greatly extend filter element life by up to 2-8 times.

      3.  Reduce engine wear & minimize costly downtime.

      4.  Prolong engine & turbocharger life.

      5.  Improve fuel economy.

      6.  Improve engine performance & reduce operating cost.

      7.  Self powered by the engine’s air intake.

      8.  Virtually require no maintenance.

      9.  Galvanized steel housing to endure harshest environment.

      10. Works in all weather conditions.

      How it Works

      1.Contaminated air enters from bottom of the precleaner.

      2.It flows through specially designed,static angled vanes causing the air to spin.

      3.As air spins,a centrifugal force is created and it separates dust and 

         contaminants from the air stream.

      4.The swirling air drives a high velocity rotor that acts as a sweeper.

      5.The rotor evacuates the dirt and contaminants from the discharge port 

         at the side of the precleaner.

      6.Only purified air flows into the filter element.

      Technical Specifications

       ---KA10/KA12/KA14 ---KA15/KA16/KA17/KA18/KA19


      • -- Construction Equipment

      • -- Agriculture ,Farm Equipment

      • -- Mining Equipment

      • -- Material Handling Equipment

      • -- Generators

      • -- Dump Trucks

      • -- Road Maintenance Equipment

      • -- Logging and Forestry Equipment

      • -- Buses

      • -- Cement Plants

      • -- Air Compressors

      • -- Street Sweepers

      • -- Equipment operating in extreme & dusty environment

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