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      Air precleaner - Agricultural Application Series



      --- A denotes the agricultural series especially developed for agricultural applications.


      --- It has a finer mesh which prevents the agricultural dusts like leaves, twigs, 

           branches etc from entering the precleaner and damaging it.

      --- Good recommendation for harvester combine.

      --- Products are tested by independent institutions in accordance to ISO 5011:2000.

      Benefits & Features


      1.  Remove up to 90% of impurities,rain, debris,dust and dirt

            from intake air before the air reaches the filter element.

      2.  Greatly extend filter element life by up to 2-8 times.

      3.  Reduce engine wear & minimize costly downtime.

      4.  Prolong engine & turbocharger life.

      5.  Improve fuel economy.

      6.  Improve engine performance & reduce operating cost.

      7.  Self powered by the engine’s air intake.

      8.  Virtually require no maintenance.

      9.  Galvanized steel housing to endure harshest environment.

      10. Works in all weather conditions.

      Technical Specifications


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